(Updated: 04/04/2024)

March 26, 2021

Once you deposit your data to SciELO Data you agree that you have fully read and accepted the SciELO Data Terms and Conditions of Use as stated below.

You are the creator/author of or have permission given by a creator/author of the Dataset to deposit in SciELO Data.

SciELO Data requires particular warrants and permissions from you, the creator(s), author(s) and/or copyright owner(s), to adequately preserve and administer the contents for future use, including your Dataset’s transference of custody. If you are the copyright owner of a submitted copyright protected dataset, accepting these Terms and conditions of use means that the copyright is still yours, and you have the right to submit the Dataset to other repositories or publishers. In case copyright is applicable to your dataset and you are not the copyright owner, you allege that the copyright owner has granted you permission to make the Dataset publicly available.

By submitting in SciELO Data you give SciELO non-exclusive rights to translate (as further explained), reproduce, and distribute the Dataset universally and royalty-free in any form (as in different formats or medium), including, yet not only, publication on the internet. 

You are also aware that Datasets to be published in SciELO Data must comply with the instructions stated in the Research data deposit guidelines, and understands that the submitted data are susceptible to curational review and approval before publication.

You agree that SciELO may convert the deposited Data Files and/or Metadata Files to any medium or format and make multiple copies of the deposited Dataset for the purposes of security, back-up, and preservation. In addition, you understand and agree that SciELO Data staff may, if necessary, make changes to Descriptive Metadata, including enhancements (such as addition of keywords) and/or corrections (such as typos). Any Descriptive Metadata changes will be tracked via SciELO Data’s automated version control. Your Dataset will not be altered without your permission.

You comprehend that the depositor’s name is displayed with the published Dataset, along with the selected Terms of Use.

SciELO Data is committed to preserving published Datasets in compliance to the SciELO Data Preservation Policy, providing public access to Datasets by maintaining SciELO Data webpages, records of Descriptive Metadata, identifiers, and access metrics (which could be page-views, downloads, and citations).

In case you do not consent with the stated above and below, you must contact SciELO Data staff at data@scielo.org before depositing any data in SciELO Data.

In order to submit a Dataset, you agree that:

  • You can grant the rights contained in these Terms and conditions of Use.
  • You have no knowledge that anything in the Dataset infringes any intellectual property rights and/or anyone’s copyright.
  • If the submitted Dataset does contain third party’s copyrighted material, you have gained their full permission to give SciELO Data the rights required by these terms and conditions of use and such material is clearly acknowledged and identified within the Dataset content.
  • In the Dataset there is no contract terms violation (e.g., terms of use, nondisclosure, material transfer agreement, etc.).
  • There is no private, confidential and/or export-controlled information, proprietary information of others, protected data or any information in the Dataset that should not be shared publicly.
  • There are no software viruses or computer codes, programs or files, capable of allowing unauthorized access or disrupting, damaging, limiting or interfering with the proper functioning of SciELO Data or other users’ software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment in the Dataset.
  • You are aware that it is your responsibility to notify SciELO Data if ownership, or copyright terms of the Dataset submission change.
  • Before depositing in SciELO Data you must comply with all contract or agreement obligations required by any agency or organization that have sponsored or supported work the Dataset is based upon.



This Terms and conditions of Use is (heavily) based on the following material:

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